Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Brings Fresh Breezes to Story Time

Aaaaahhhhhh. . .the reading bug is a happy bug today. February is almost over, and March will be blowin' in next week. Keep your eyes on the "sky" of the children's room because our spring decor is on the way.

Woof, woof. . .what makes that sound? A DOG, right? This week we're talking about dogs in story time. Bring your favorite stuffed pooch on Wednesday or Thursday this week when we'll read stories, sing songs, and watch a movie about dogs.

Meanwhile, here are some great books to read while you're waiting for story time to roll around.

Any Clifford book
Any Spot book
Good Boy, Fergus by David Shannon
Chewie Louie, by Howie Schneider
McDuff and the Baby, by Rosemary Wells
Our New Puppy, by Isabelle Harper & Barry Moser

Here's a crafty idea for a rainy day: Dog Headband

Cut a long strip of brown or black construction paper. Bend it into a circle, fit to child's (or your) head, remove and staple. Cut off any excess paper.

Using brown construction paper, make two dog ears. They can be upright and triangular, or long and droopy. . .be creative.

Decorate your dog ears with cotton balls and/or magic markers. Mark the places you want them to go on your headband, then staple in place. Voila--your doggy headgear!

For extra fun, you can ask for a little makeup on the end of your nose. Bow-wow-WOW!

Send me your picture!

Look below for the March story time schedule. Please note that as of March 1, story times at the Broadway branch have been discontinued.

March 5 & 6: Under the Sea
March 12 & 13: Frogs (and other green things)
March 19 & 20: Bunnies [Bring a basket]
March 26 & 27: Oooooh. . .that's naughty!

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Kris McCracken said...

Thanks for the tip on the books. "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?" can only get you so far!