Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays from Story Time at Lee County Library!

We hope you will have a restful, joyful, and peaceful holiday this year and always. Thank you for being a part of our weekly story times--YOU are why we are here and why we love our jobs.

Story time will be on vacation from Friday, December 18 until Wednesday, January 6, when we will resume our normal story time schedule: Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. and Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. Meanwhile, here is a list of holiday books that you can share with your "reading bugs," as well as a fingerplay and a song to sing.

That's Good, That's Bad on Santa's Journey by M. Cuyler
A Pinata in a Pine Tree by P. Mora
Mrs. Wishy Washy's Christmas by Joy Cowley
Eight Days of Hanukkah by H. Ziefert
The Christmas Tree by A. Ada (bilingual)
Clifford's Christmas by N. Bridwell (we have an audio version, too)
Merry Christmas, Merry Crow by J. Goodell
Merry Christmas, Maisy by L. Cousins
Santa's Stuck by R. Greene
Merry Christmas, Space Case by J. Marshall

Santa's Surprise by K. Faulkner (I recently saw this GREAT pop-up book in a bargain bin for $5 at a bookstore, check it out. It's one of our favorites!)


Here is the chimney (Make a fist and enclose your thumb)
Here is the top (Place your other palm on top of your fist)
Open the lid (Lift your palm off your fist)
And out Santa pops! (Pop up your thumb)

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!


Hat, Whiskers, Belt, and Boots (to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes)

Hat, whiskers, belt, and boots
(belt and boots)
Hat, whiskers, belt, and boots
(belt and boots)
Twinkling eyes and a little cherry nose,
Hat, whiskers, belt, and boots
(belt and boots)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween and November Schedule

Halloween brought many costumed participants to story time last week.

Our November schedule will be as follows:

November 4 & 5: Ducks, Dogs, and maybe some dinosaurs too-- Brought to you by the letter D
November 12: Elephants-- Brought to you by the letter E
November 18 & 19--Thanksgiving Story Time--Have a Feast


Also, there will be no story time on Wednesday, November 25 or Thursday, November 26.
The Lee County Library will be closed from Thursday, November 26 until Monday, November 30.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Read for the Record on October 8

Help us celebrate the 40th anniversary of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" on Thursday, October 8 at 11:00 in the library auditorium.

We will read the book in English and in Spanish, learn about caterpillars and butterflies, have a colorful craft, and of course--eat cake!

There is no charge for this event, but space is limited. Help us "pump up the numbers" so Lee County will be in the count of the millions of people around the world who will be reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" on October 8.

For more information, call the Lee County Library at (919) 718-4665.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Story Time Begins September 9!

A whole new season of story time will begin on Wednesday, September 9 at 10:00 a.m. and Thursday, September 10 at 11:00 a.m.

Story time for children up to age 2 takes place each Wednesday at 10:00.
A program for children ages 3 to 5 is held on Thursdays at 11:00.
All events take place in the library auditorium unless otherwise noted.

Story time lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and may include books, fingerplays, action rhymes, movement, flannel board stories, puppets, music, and crafts. No registration is needed, just drop in!

Our themes for September are as follows:

Sept. 9 & 10: All About Me
Sept. 16: School
[NOTE: no story time at the library on Sept. 17, for more information see below]
Sept. 23 & 24: Friends
Sept. 30 & Oct. 1: Family

Join us on September 17 at the Lee County Fair. Programs will take place at 9:30 and 10:30.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our "Hello" Rhyme

We've had a request to put our "hello rhyme" online. Here it is:

Hi, neighbor--what do you say?
It's going to be a happy day.
So greet your neigbhor
And boogie down.
Give 'em a bump
And turn around!

And here's our "story" rhyme

If you want to hear a story,
this is what you've gotta do--
You've gotta sit on the floor like the pretzels do.
So find your place,
And clap your hands,
And then we'll know that you understand.
Now zip up your lips,
And turn on your ears,
This is the story you're gonna hear:

Friday, January 30, 2009

February is African American History Month

Join us in story time this month as we celebrate African American History Month as well as Valentines Day.

Wednesdays: Story hour for ages 0 to 3 at 10:00 a.m.
Thursdays: Story hour for ages 3 to 6 at 11:00 a.m.
All programs take place in the library auditorium. Registration is NOT required.

February 4 & 5: African American History
February 11 & 12: Valentines party
February 18 & 19: Construction
February 25 & 26: Slumber party!! Wear your pajamas!!

Don't miss Dr. Seuss's birthday: coming March 4 & 5

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Froggy Gets Dressed, by Jonathan London: Frogs are supposed to sleep all winter but when it snows outside, Froggy just can't wait.

Snowbaby Could Not Sleep, by Kara LaReau: Snowbaby's parents come up with a special gift to get Snowbaby to fall asleep.

The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats: This is the classic tale of a little boy who plays outside in the snow and then tries to bring home a snowball.

Snowballs, by Lois Ehlert: Ehlert's beautiful art and vivid color photographs of "found" objects turn this simple story about a family of snowpeople into a fun guessing game.

Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn Buehner: After people go inside for the night, snowmen gather at the park to play games and party until the sun comes up.


Five little snowmen, all saying "Hi!"
Each has a hat and a bright-colored tie.
The sun came out and it stayed all day, and one little snowman melted away.
(Continue until there are no snowmen left.)


A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose (point to your nose)
Along came a bunny and what do you suppose? (hold up two fingers and "hop" bunny)
That hungry little bunny was looking for his lunch (make bunny look around)
He ate that snowman's nose right up: (pretend bunny chomps off nose)
Nibble, nibble, crunch!


I'm a little snowman, short and fat. (squat down, hold arms out to sides)
Here is my broomstick, here is my hat. (hold one arm out stiffly, pat head with other arm)
When the sun comes out I melt away: (Hold arms in circle above head)
Down, down, down, down--(swish arms back and forth)
Oops! I'm a puddle! (touch floor or lie down on floor)


Blow up some white balloons. Put on some wintry music, such as "Skating" from the Charlie Brown Christmas album. If you have more than one child, they can have a snowball fight with the balloons. If only one child, play a game in which the child tries to keep one or more balloons from touching the ground.

Penguins! Penguins!


Penguins! by Liz Pichon: Some hilarious and amazing penguin photographs show up on a camera after it has been dropped into the penguin's habitat at the zoo.

Little Penguin by Patrick Benson: Pip wonders why she's such a little penguin. She swims in the ocean and makes friends with a little sperm whale named William.

Flannelboard poems:

Six little penguins off an iceberg did dive,
One bumped his beak and then there were FIVE.
Five little penguins swam the ocean floor,
One saw a whale and then there were FOUR.
Four little penguins spun around, wheeeeeee!
One spun off and then there were THREE.
Three little penguins with nothing to do,
One went fishing and then there were TWO.
Two little penguins having lots of fun,
One fell off and there there was one.
One little penguin, when the day was done,
went home to sleep and then there were NONE.

Song: (To the tune of "I'm a little teapot")
I know a little penguin
Who sat on some blocks.
He swam in the ocean
and climbed on some rocks.
He snapped at a seagull, he snapped at a seal
He snapped at a fish--
Oh, what a meal!

If you're a penguin and you know it (To the tune of "If you're happy and you know it")
If you're a penguin and you know it, flap your wings (flap, flap)
If you're a penguin and you know it, flap your wings
If you're a penguin and you know it and you really want to show it
If you're a penguin and you know it, flap your wings.

(Other verses are waddle your feet; bite a fish)